Keepin It Real

Many times, almost daily and multiple times a day, when we look at our social media feed most of what we see are images of perfect lives. We see the perfect well behaved kids doing something cute, the perfect couple out on a date night looking more loving than ever, the perfect house all tidy and clean, the perfect car, the perfect night out with friends all smiles and dressed to impress, and the never-ending selfies with the perfect filter setting to show only our best looking selves. I have seen plenty of it either from those that I follow and those articles or blog posts shared on social media. In fact, I’m guilty of all of those things too! I mean, who doesn’t want others to see only the best of us?! Am I right?! We don’t want anyone to see our messy houses, our messy selves, or the messiness of our lives or experiences.

In fact, that is part of what drove me to start this blog. It has been in my heart for some time, I’d say for over a year now, but the content of what it could be was never clear until after I attended The Sisterhood Colour Conference in New York City this past May. I’ve always heard people say, “God spoke to me…,” and I’ve always wondered how they heard God because I never felt that I had heard from Him. I guess I expected an actual voice to speak into my ear and confirm or tell me whatever it is that I needed to hear. However, at that amazing conference I heard Pastor Bobbie Houston say that she never had actually heard from God with a literal voice from above. I found it comical and very interesting all at the same time because that is how I felt, but she preceded to say that we all hear from God in different ways, and not necessarily by hearing an actual voice. I decided to pray and ask God to speak into my life in whichever way that it was He would communicate to me, and to make me more aware than ever to be able to pick up on it when He did. I really did not know what to expect but I decided to trust God and boy did He deliver. It’s really hard to explain but all throughout that 2-day conference I received much confirmation either through the messages being spoken, scripture I’d read, and things I’d see. It even has continued since but I believe that I am actually just more aware of it now than ever before. It has since been a continued prayer of mine to have a fine tuned ear and that His voice be clear to my heart.

I want this blog site to be a place where I can help empower and encourage women to be the best selves they can be, and to also show the “messiness” in the process. We are all human and we ALL fall short daily, but God is a gracious and merciful God that meets us right where we’re at in the middle of all that mess. Now I am not saying for all of us to go out and start making all of that “mess” public, but I am saying that it is okay to share real life experiences in the right time and the right place every now and then. You never know who it could help that might relate to that experience. They might be in the middle of that struggle and hearing how you overcame the same thing could help them through it for themselves. I consider my life to be very blessed but not perfect, and I believe that none of us really ever reach perfection. We are always improving but never perfect. There is always room for growth, and it helps us become a better version of ourselves if we embrace that motto. It simply means that we are always learning.

So chicás, let’s keep it real! Let us also encourage one another and not bring down, because only God knows what each of us are really going through and that is hard enough. You may be going through some messy stuff right now as you’re reading this, and I want to encourage you to put your focus on God and I pray that He may guide your steps and give you wisdom. Let that also be your daily prayer for yourself. In my lowest moments, only God has been my comfort and where I have found peace. Dive into scripture and God will speak to your heart through His word. If you’ve never prayed, just start talking to God in your own way and He will listen. (I came across Psalm 41 while typing this, from my notes at the Colour Conference, and I encourage you to read it. It is so good!)

Again I find myself not really sure what to expect of this, but thank you for allowing me into your lives and reading what I have to say. I look forward to what is to come through this platform, and I pray that you be blessed by it.

All my love,

View of Empire State Building from our hotel rooftop

View of Empire State Building from our hotel rooftop